Sunday Services

Prayer Time 8:15 AM
Worship Service 9:00 AM
Fellowship Groups and
Sunday School
10:30 AM

Wednesday Services

[during school year ONLY]  
BGBKids [K - 6 grades] 6:30 PM
Ready to Launch [Adults] 6:30 PM

Welcome to BGBC

Welcome to Battle Ground Bible Church, located in Battle Ground/West Lafayette, Indiana. We hope that your visit to our ministries is encouraging. You can find out a lot about our church on this website. You can check out our values, our vision, our beliefs, download our Welcome Brochure and more.  Please take your time [...]

The Book of Acts: The Gospel on the Move

The book of Acts records the earliest days of the Christian Church. It depicts the amazing impact the gospel had on the lives of the people who first received it and highlights the new forces and ways of thinking that shook the lives of the first Christians. In seeing how the gospel re-wove the fabric [...]

join a small group

what are small groups? A place for the intentional, spiritual development of God”s people according to each person”s giftedness in the context of loving, accountable relationships. how is this accomplished? Through two non-negotiables: 1) Mutual ministry to one another, 2) Multiplication of leadership This happens through the development of quality disciples who exhibit the following characteristics: Faithfulness, abiding in God’s Word, [...]

Upcoming Events

Small Groups

Join a Small Group!

Spiritually Vital [mixed adults]

Women After God [women only]

Point Man [men only]

Cornerstone [high school grads to ~30]

Young@Heart [55+ crowd]

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